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Social Media has become the new evolution of the technology age. It has brought the world closer to the people and has made the impossible in terms of reach possible. As creative content creators and due to the high level of competition on social media, it is important to create compelling and attractive designs to attract sales. 

I have provided 8 tips as guides to follow when creating social media graphics. 

  1. Locate Your Goal

The first and most important of the graphic design tips when creating social media content, and other content in digital marketing is that you need to have a goal. The goal becomes your guide in every design you make. 

  1. Colour

Colour remains an essential part of any design, brand. Colour sets the mood through the invocation of emotion. Use colours that show what your brand stands for. Start by tweaking your ways around the main colours – Red, Green and Blue. 

  1. Text

Creating readable texts is one of the ways you arrest the mind of your reader. Texts is a sequence of words, while typography is the visual component of the written word. 

  1. Typography

Watch out for your font usage when making a design. Your font style has a huge impact on how your brand message is interpreted. 

Note: Use a maximum of three fonts styles 

  • Serif fonts are the best fit for print
  • Sans serif is the best of the web. 
  1. A good contrast 

Contrast is another way you can catch the attention of readers by making use of white space, also known as negative spacing. Contrast can be applied with font styles, sizes, alignments and colours. 

  1. Be consistent 

Consistency is key if you want to keep in touch with your readers and customers. Ensure that all your designs are constant across all platforms. It creates cohesiveness of posts and easy recognition of your brand. 

  1. Creativity

You must engage in diversity and creativity when making graphics for your social media. Here are some of the tips you can employ to get more inspired.  

  • Using Infographics/Charts 
  • Themed days
  • Reposts
  • Quotes in styled fonts and shape
  1. Keep it simple

This is important in the age of digital technology, Keep It Short and Simple. 

Tips on how to make graphic designs simple:

  • Use icons and illustrations
  • Do not use more than two font styles
  • Stay with a maximum of three contrasting/complementary colours
  • Use spacing to contrast with a bold element

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