9 Ways to Keep Hackers off Your Facebook Account

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Inarguably, Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world with over 2 billion users across the globe. Due to this wide range of usage and how it has grown to become a popular digital marketplace for business owners, it has over time become susceptible to hacking and fraudulent activities. 

How then, do you protect your account against any form of a cyber-attack? 

Here are some of the useful tips I have compiled for you

1. Create A Strong Password

You already have your password created for Facebook. However, it is advisable to make sure your Facebook password is one of a kind and different from your other online accounts e.g. email. It gives you better security.  

2. Confirm Your Mobile Number

Confirming your mobile number is one of many ways to enhance your account security on Facebook. This way, even when you lose or forget your password, Facebook will be able to send you a new one via SMS.

3. Activate Secure browsing

Among other things, to make sure your browsing activity within Facebook is safe, you can turn on the Secure browsing option. By doing this, you automatically limit all external applications that are integrated with Facebook from doing any harm or taking your personal information without your knowledge or approval.

4. Activate ‘Login Approvals’

Login approvals is an extended security feature offered by Facebook. It will require you to enter a security code each time you try to access your Facebook account from unrecognized devices. 

5. Disconnect Previous Active Sessions

The good thing about Facebook is that it allows you to know about your previous active sessions, your recent login location, and what devices you used to access your Facebook account. 

6. Activate Private Browsing

Another way to prevent another person from accessing your account is to activate the ‘Private Browsing’ option from your browsers. All browsers have this private browsing option, and by activating this option, your activity will not be logged into the browsing history.

7. Don’t ‘Keep Me Logged In’

The moment you want to log in to your Facebook account, at the login page, there’s a small checkbox that says ‘Keep Me Logged In’. Make sure this box is unchecked. Then, log in as usual. 

With this on, you will be asked for your email and password every time you launch Facebook.

8. Avoid Spam Links

Facebook is serious about spam and is always enhancing its features to make sure you are safe from being a victim of scams. The types of attacks include money scams through direct or indirect requests via Facebook messages, chat etc, phishing links that will redirect you to fake websites, malicious links that could retrieve your personal information or even harm your computer. 

9. Sign Out after use

Lastly which is the most important of all (and worth repeating), never forget to log out from your Facebook account.

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