3 Ways To Tell A Successful Brand Story

3 Ways To Tell A Successful Brand Story

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I was going through a friend’s post one day and I was shocked when I saw his post. He said, “if you want to tell a compelling brand story, watch movies”.  As I processed this in my mind while being surprised as to how a very serious person like Anani would advise someone to watch movies to learn marketing, I realized and said to myself “wait a moment, this might be true. Yes, it is true.”

Nollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood movies are wrapped around stories or adventures of a character that needs something and seeks a way to get it, avoiding any obstacle and eventually arriving at a success point which means victory over the antagonist.

And that is exactly how you should tell a story.

So, let’s get downright at it. 

Do not forget that the goal of marketing is to attract buyers to your products and services and to do this, you have to Tell a Mind-Blowing Story that does not only keep your customers but makes them one who tells your brand to others.

Here are the 3 ways to tell a Compelling Brand Story?

1. Focus on a message that helps people to survive and thrive.

Donald Miller wrote in his book ‘Brand Story’ that all great stories are about survival, physical, emotional, relational or spiritual. No one will be interested in a story that focuses on otherwise.

According to the hierarchy of needs by Abraham Maslow, people’s immediate need is to first see what will make them survive (physiological needs), then the protection, social, esteem and self-actualization needs. Therefore, your brand stories must give answers to one of these.

Think about how your story translates to human basic needs of survival

2. Keep a consistent brand voice

If your brand story is your message to the audience, should it then not be consistent? Your sales copy must reflect a tone and with attractive designs, forms up your brand’s identity.

Many believe that the tone of a brand’s voice is the best practice in the area of communication. When the words you use in your brand message as an aspect of your brand identity is effective, it changes people’s perception of your brand.

Here, it is not just about the words, but how it is spoken.

By just being familiar with your brand voice or tone, people are stuck with your brand’s products and services. It is that mechanism you use to make them Take Action. 

3. Tell your Story with Clarity

Your brand story should not make your customers and prospects stress their brains before having an understanding of your message/offer. The human brain is always drawn towards clarity and avoids any form of confusion.

Ensure that your message is simple, relevant, and repeatable.

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